Our story
Food creators since 1981

At Pizza Pepperoni, we consider ourselves as food creators. We don’t like fancy plates but real, authentic and healthy eating since 1981. With a strong sense of tradition and homemade recipes, we have developed and expanded our business since 1981, being one of the food leaders in the industry for many years. Our business is a family affair; we cook for our guests with the same love and care that we cook for our family.

Our Values
  • We are fans of great quality food and premium service. This means that we will never compromise the quality of our menu over fast dishes.
  • We believe in homemade secrets. Passed on by our mothers and their cooking skills, we open our kitchens and our hearts and share the love.
  • We offer an authentic dough, opened by hand in front of our clients, cooked in an Italian traditional oven since 1981.
  • We cater for the entire family, and believe in great food for adults and children. Eating pizza has always been a family affair and we love producing food which keeps everyone happy.
Our Process

All our staff is experienced and has cultivated a sense of food perfection. We take extra care in staff training, upgrading our menu while maintaining the same commitment to our original recipes. Whether for a great dinner, a fast lunch or a “to-share” order, Pepperoni Pizza excites pizza and pasta fans, health food aficionados and the good, old burger lovers.